Take a big jump into the 70s, with our new collection, Les insouciantes ! An explosion of freedom, lightness, soft and assertive madness. We dare, with elegance, our graphic and floral prints, peps and pop colors and the most unique combinations. Les Insouciantes is a collection full of surprises with new forms of jewellery, new colors and new prints, this season promises to be the most emancipated. Our illustrious bracelets, our favorite rushes, our famous earrings, … All our jewels have come together to honor these extravagant years, the seventies. A few dance steps, emblematic jewelry, a bit of audacity, a hint of airiness and together, let's set the rythme for this new season!

VEGA - Key print from our new collection

Vega imposes its style, with its geometric and graphic shapes, and its trio of essential colors, flame, fig and salsa red. This energy-filled print has crept onto 2 of our favorite jewellery, the bracelet and the cuff. Let yourself be hypnotized!

Tina - Indomitable wisdom

Bold print, Tina wants to be more feline. He sets the tone and seizes 2 of our jewels, the 2 cm bangle and the bangle bracelet. As glamorous as it is extravagant, Tina will refine your look with elegance. A nice nod to the famous singer, of the same name, who rocked the dancefloor in the 70s.