Jewellery with character

Vibrant and sensual, discreet and daring, urban and sunny, sober and refined, contemporary and timeless, our "bangles" subtly cultivate the harmony of opposites.

Singular jewels that are not lacking in fantasy, they are characterised by their refined house design, their cloisonné patterns and their distinctive prints in several colours. Joyfully modular, they are articulated through a diversification of wear called: up-wear or freely expressed in solo. More than a style, Bangle-Up is a mode of expression!

A particular expertise

Beautifully crafted jewellery, enhanced with fine gold, Bangle-Up's creations are the result of a revisited artisanal process of lacquer and enamel. They are developed and produced in 3D in a Parisian workshop and then shaped by a specialised partner in Asia. An elaborate know-how to which the work of the hand remains intimately linked.

“"The revisited craft of lacquer and enamel."

The story of a bracelet

Bangle-Up is the story of a bracelet created in 2014. The evolution of a pure, round and universal shape but "up-graded", from the start, with colourful prints.

A "parti-print" that made it unique from the start! Over time, this classic has been constantly renewed. It was first reinvented through differentiating motifs and then gradually developed into a family of complementary pieces: bangles, cuffs, rings, earrings and necklaces.

Under the impetus of Emmanuel Venot, Bangle-Up's one-man band, and Pascale Renaux, the creative director, the brand today continues to assert itself and to emancipate itself through its own aesthetic, reflecting its values.

"More than a style, Bangle-Up is a mode of free expression in the image of the initials of its logo B.U: Be You."

A company with a human soul

Located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, Bangle-Up is a small, independent French design house with a team of complementary talents.

A brand concerned with cultivating an eco-responsible ethic in everything it undertakes in terms of development and supporting the causes it supports over the long term.

Its objective is to make Bangle-Up a mode of free expression in the image of the initials of its logo B.U: "Be You".

A long-term commitment

Since 2020, at Bangle-Up, we have faithfully supported La Maison des Femmes. This shelter was founded at the Saint-Denis Hospital by Dr Ghada Hatem to help and support all women in difficulty or victims of violence.

As this membership was particularly important to us, we wanted to embody it through the creation of a dedicated piece of jewellery: the "Bangle Heart" bracelet engraved with the manifesto "all heroines". A bracelet that is a symbol of meaning and solidarity.

"A jewel of character that does not lack fantasy".

A Parisian showcase

You can find our entire collection in our personalized corner at Printemps, boulevard Haussmann, in Paris. We will be delighted to welcome you there to talk about our creations with passion and up-timism.

Love and care

Unique and original, each "bangle" is the result of precise and meticulous handwork. It requires the greatest care to maintain its brilliance.

AIn order to preserve the longevity of our jewels, we advise you to :
- to remove them before washing your hands, showering or bathing as they are not water resistant
- to avoid any direct contact with perfumes or cosmetics
- to store and transport them in their original pouch
- to cuddle them with a soft cloth to prevent oxidation
- to wear them with love