Cuff Bracelet - Poppy Yellow
Cuff Bracelet - Poppy Yellow
Cuff Bracelet - Poppy Yellow
Cuff Bracelet - Poppy Yellow
Cuff Bracelet - Poppy Yellow
Cuff Bracelet - Poppy Yellow
Cuff Bracelet - Poppy Yellow
Cuff Bracelet - Poppy Yellow

Cuff Bracelet

Poppy Yellow

98 €

With its vibrant colours and beautifully curved print, the Cuff bracelet Canyon is sure to liven up any outfit.

  • Cuff Bracelet original and daring, vibrant and luminous
  • An energetic print that has slipped onto one of our favourite pieces of jewellery, the Cuff Bracelet
  • Cuff Bracelet where goldplated brass, dipped in a gold bath, and coloured lacquer come together to create a sublime harmony.
  • Cuff Bracelet adjustable to your wrist and available as a 2 cm Bracelet
  • To be played, without moderation, in accumulation to sublimate your wrists
  • Cuff Bracelet in coloured lacquer dipped in a gold bath
  • Cuff Bracelet width : 3 cm – diameter: 6 cm
  • Semiopen Cuff Bracelet that can be adjusted to fit your wrist, using light pressure to tighten or loosen the Cuff bracelet at the ends
  • For the most beautiful of sets, also opt for the LumiII Bracelet Yuzu & Lily Bracelet Ispahan Pink
  • Let's give ourselves the freedom to be us every day and collect these little marvels in colored lacquer, bathed in a bath of gold.
  • Cuff Bracelet, presented in a pretty pouch and wrapped in a small kraft package by bangle up
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    bangle up's quality

    All our bracelets are made from brass that has been dipped in gold.

    The colour is applied using enamel. Our bracelets are brushed, varnished and polished before the inside is engraved.

    Our bracelets are tested and inspected before being sold. They do not tarnish and do not contain any allergenic substances.

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    Taking care of your bangles

    bangle up's jewellery pieces are true treasures designed to be worn and admired. They represent a connection, a bond that is yours to keep and that you want to last as long as possible.

    To ensure it does, here are a few tips for taking the best possible care of your jewellery.

    Your bangles don't like :

    · Like cats, they hate water!

    · They also dislike household cleaning products and would appreciate being removed when you're washing the dishes.

    · They would rather you put your perfume on before them; they never like to wear your perfume too.

    · They also like to be removed while you are gardening or exercising.

    Your bangles like:

    · Your bangles like to keep things simple; when cleaning them, just use a soft dry cloth with no soap or solvents.

    · They feel best when safely tucked away, so keep them in their individual pouch once removed.

    · As they are on the sensitive side, they like to be stored in their own pouch, particularly if you're travelling, rather than be mixed in with your other jewellery.

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    Our packaging

    When you place an order, our jewellery is slipped into one of bangle up's elegant saffron yellow drawstring pouches, which are in turn placed into pretty kraft paper bags to great effect.

    For your most precious tokens of affection and bangle up gifts, you can also select our beautiful gift box for an additional €3.

    This box is available to add on all our bangle pages. Remember to select it before confirming your order.

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    Size guide of our bracelets

    Does your wrist circumference measure between 14 and 16 cm?

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    Does your wrist circumference measure between 16 and 18 cm?

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    Our bracelets offered in one size correspond to a T1.

    How to measure your wrist circumference?

    Get a flexible thread and a ruler. Go around your wrist with this thread, cut it when you have made a complete turn of your wrist. Then measure it

    If in doubt, write to us at